Free Printable Fashion History Illustration: Edwardian Lady Travelers in Brown and Purple, 1904

At one time or another we are all called to leave the safety of our homes,
the certainty of what we know, the illusions of who we are.
Not everyone will heed this call, of course.
And those who do will risk losing themselves completely.
But if we choose to ignore the invitation,
we risk never knowing who we might have become.
We risk dying without knowing what it is to live.
Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Painted Oxen

A vintage illustration from 1904 showing two Edwardian lady travelers dressed for a winter journey.The lady on the left is in a brown suit, with a matching brown bow in her hat while the lady on the right is wearing a heavy tan jacket over a purple dress, and is holding a muff to keep her hands warm (and perhaps to conceal a weapon). Both ladies look pretty serious - they seem like they are embarking on a quest?

This illustration was found in my personal collection of La Mode Illustrée. You can download the free ready-to-print 6" x 9" @ 300 ppi JPEG without any watermark for crafts, collage graphic design projects by clicking here.

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